Run and Hide Leather is a small Leather working studio, started in 2016 by Murphy Thiel. Thiel started this company after working for 8 years in Menswear design, accessory design and production studios. Reigning from Detroit Michigan, Thiel has always been drawn to tougher mediums and lifestyles, starting out working in a small custom Motorcycle jacket shop in a basement in the Lower East Side, NYC, to working as head of leather production for a luxury leather shop in SOHO. Currently a Cowboy boot apprentice in New Mexico, studying the art of boot making.

Run and Hide is entirely inspired by the concept of Duality. Hard and soft, masculine and feminine, old and new, light and dark. Leather working especially shoe making is an ancient practice, and the basic rules and techniques still are used today. In our Wall art, we use Western American Techniques from saddle and cowboy boot making to create harder images, but then carefully sewing leather pieces into wooden panels.

Remaining close to our clients and customers is a huge part of Run and Hide, most clients come to our studio to work with Thiel on a custom art piece. In our world of fast paced- cheap shopping and consuming it is of great value to Thiel to change up the experience of working with or buying from a small brand. Bad Bitches Unite! If its not a Hell yes, It’s a no. 

photo by Ben Wentzel 2017